Paint or Wallpaper: Knowing the Pros and Cons

Published: 17th May 2010
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The place you live in or work sometimes tell what kind of person you are. People judge how well the exterior of the structure is designed especially the interior. Choosing whether to use paint or wallpaper is crucial. No matter what furniture you decide to place inside, the walls often speak more than what is scattered inside the room.

Deciding whether or not to use paint or wallpaper is a personal choice. However, to make a wise decision you should be informed of why you need to choose one over the other.

Why use wallpaper?

The most obvious answer to the question is of course the design. Wallpaper design does not just enrich the room, but also adds elegance. This is something that paint cannot do. In fact, the choices of texture and color palettes give depth to the beauty of a room.

The durability of the wallpaper to withstand even when placed in the room of children has also been considered practical. They are easy to clean and children often feel at peace having to feel and see the texture of wallpaper in their room.

Another reason why wallpaper is preferred is that wallpapers can also hide holes and cracks of walls. This is very important especially if the walls of the room are thin. Wallpapers can camouflage any flaws on your wall. Just make sure that you choose a design that you will want to look at for along time.

Wallpapers also do not leave any smell when you put it up on the wall. But it needs to be replaced especially when areas peel and crack.

Why use paint?

Although wallpaper is the choice of many homeowners, it is not always advice to choose it for your walls. Mold can form behind the wallpaper, not to mention ants crawling behind it without your knowledge. Also, children, when left unsupervised, can make a canvas out of the wallpaper. For this and other reasons, paint is preferred by others.

Paint is way much cheaper than wallpaper. A bucket of paint can color one or two rooms. The hue is not really a problem since many color combination can be created with your own mixed custom color of choice. You can choose from the different finish paint for your wall - high gloss, semi-gloss, matte and even the eggshell feel.

Designs can also be achieved with the use of different techniques like stencil, color wash or sponge.

Both of those choices have their particular advantages and disadvantages. Whether you choose to hang wallpaper or paint your wall, they can bring a big difference to every room in the house. And just if you change your mind, of course, you can also either paint over the wallpaper or hang wallpaper over paint. Whichever you choose to use, make sure that it is environmentally friendly, and that none of the members of the household has no allergic reaction to either the paint or the wallpaper. Your choice depends on how you want it to look and your budget.

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